Patient Forms & FAQ’s

What to Bring with You
New Patients should bring their MRI, and all studies, including X-Rays and CT scans to their first appointment.
To prepare for your visit, please download and complete the following forms: New Patient Information Form Physician Consultation Request Form Notice of Privacy Practices
Frequently Asked Questions
When Can I Drive? Patients can usually start driving three to four weeks post operatively depending on medications used to controll pain. Is swelling around the wound normal? Minor swelling is normal as long as there is no significant redness. Why is it important to stop smoking prior to surgery? Smoking adversely affects the healing process after back surgery. When can I take a shower? Two to three days post operatively. Is bleeding from the surgical wound normal? Yes, for about one week to ten days post operatively bleeding can be expected.  If drainage increases instead of decreasing each day you should notify your doctor.  Also, if redness increases, notify your doctor. What type of activity would be acceptable after surgery? Patients should avoid bending, lifting and twisting motions after surgery. Excessive twisting and lifting should be avoided after cervical surgery.
We are committed to meeting your health care needs. Our goal is to keep your insurance or other financial arrangements as simple as possible. In order to accomplish this cost-effective manner, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. Payment,including insurance co-payment,is expected at time of service.
  2. We will file your insurance for you if we are a participating provider of your plan. You will be responsible for any and all services in excess of your insurance limits as well as all non-covered services.
  3. If we are not participating providers of your plan, full payment is due at the time of service, unless prior arrangements have been made.
We will give you complete forms that will be accepted by your insurance company for reimbursement.