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Over the Course of history back pain has been treated in many different ways. Modern treatment techniques are varied and usually spread among many different specialties: from massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic or non-surgical methods to injection therapy, pain management or orthopedic surgery or surgical methods.

The Spine Treatment Center was created to bring the various non-surgical and surgical treatment options of back pain under one roof. After years of practice as spine surgeons, chiropractors and back pain specialists, our experience with patients have led us to one conclusion: It is very difficult for a patient who suffers from back pain to decide where to start in terms of where to obtain care of his or her back complaints.

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Dr. Slavensky and Dr. Aslie

Back pain is a symptom, not a disease and can be caused by many different disease processes. As such, what works for one patient may not work for another as the underlying reason for the pain complaint and is different for each patient. This can lead to people getting inappropriate or ineffective treatment for their specific condition, prolonging their pain complaints and even under some circumstances, making the pain worse.

In addition, the last decade has led to significant improvements and breakthroughs in the form of diagnostic tools as well as treatment methods for the back. These improvements in treatment include both surgical and non-surgical methods. These medical breakthroughs have led to an increased number of treatments being available to the public, some of these methods competing with others. The landscape of back pain treatments is growing and changing at a rate that is challenging to keep up with.

To make matters even more complex in terms of where a patient can go for back pain treatment, eighty percent of the new innovations and technologies fade away within two to three years of their introduction or peak success.

At the Spine Treatment Center we offer a variety of treatment methods based on proven and accepted research and development specific to the myriad of back condition(s) or disease processes. Because we have both the back pain diagnostic specialists as well as the various back pain treatment methods all under one roof, people have access to appropriate care without duplication of treatment methods or even contradictory treatment methods being administered as may be the case when a patient is seeking multiple treatment methods and diagnosis from a number of providers.

The Spine Treatment Center offers the classic non-surgical methods of treatment like massage, chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation to the more recent non-surgical treatments such as laser therapy. In addition, The Spine Treatment Center provides the most modern surgical methods of treatment; from state of the art minimally invasive surgical pain management (ISI’s, Facer Joint injections) all the way to state of the art reconstructive surgery.

Because we also believe that the first step in the care of the back is patient education, our treatment plan for each patient include lectures and lecture materials to educate our patients first about their back pain so they keep their pain under control after treatment, but to also maintain good back habits for a long healthy life without pain.